Memoir: Disclaim and Disclose

4:27 PMBradley Susser

Due out by year end, "Disclaim and Disclose" is the true story of how the effects of early childhood and a deceptive business associate landed my name on the top of a Securities Criminal Indictment stemming from a Panamanian Drug Cartel Investigation.

Determined and on the elusive hunt for love, I trample through a sad state of infatuations completely blinded by the hype of ungrounded emotions and surrounded by the financial arena’s acquisitive players and their fury for cold hard cash.

Although the passing of my mother causes me to spiral into a severe state of depression, I begin to rise back up through the ashes and stabilize myself emotionally as well as financially. That is until it is all ripped away by one man’s ignorance and greed as 20 federal agents ascend on my Manhattan apartment in the early hours of the morning.

Everything I had worked so hard for, including my reputation, was now desecrated in an instant, as my name spread like wildfire all over the Internet, through various media outlets and being negatively scrawled across the top of national news headlines. To make matters worse, I was now facing a possible 30 years in prison.

As I harbor an abundance of anger and imprisoned with limited liberties, I am learning that I can both embrace my past and look towards my future.

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Disclaim and Disclose


Disclaim and Disclose

Disclaim and Disclose
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At the Studio

At the Studio
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